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Rose: The perfect wine all year long!

Rose is a wine that is synonymous with Summer, but what most people don’t know is that it is available all year round and goes extremely well with a wide range of foods.  Below are 4 Rose wines that you can enjoy from now until Winter!


2018 Comartin Adelaide’s Rose

This 100% Grenache Rose from California has a lot going on - it is very similar to the classic Rose wines of France, but has a kick of fruit flavors.  The crisp acidity allows it to pair with so many different foods, but this time of year is built on the backbone of root vegetables.  One of the best pairings for a wine like this is a hearty salad.  Fresh greens and earthy vegetables will pair perfectly with a crisp rose like this one! 



2019 Illuminato Cerasualo Campirosa Rose

Cerasuolo rose is a classic style that usually has a little more body, structure, and flavor than others.  This comes from the extended time that it spends in contact with the skins.  This kind of wine goes extremely well with a wide range of foods and pairs extremely well with root vegetables, like squash and pumpkin. Some Cerasuolo rose with roasted butternut squash is a match made in heaven, and is perfect for the cooler weather!





2019 Maison Saleya Provence Rose

Everyone knows that the Fall season means orchard fruit.  This is the best time of year for picking apples and pears.  Whether you are using them on a hearty meat dish, a light salad, or even for dessert, a Provence style Rose is a great pairing.  There are a lot of similarities between the two, but it is the hearty fruits that go well with a delicate French rose.





2018 Ravoire & Fils Rhone to the Bone Rose

Rhone to the Bone is a classic Southern Rhone wine built on notes of tart fruits and minerality.  It’s a fuller bodied style of wine, which means that it goes best with fuller foods.  This can easily be paired with pork chops, chicken, and other lighter meats, but it is also a perfect wine for light soups!







Like we said earlier, Rose is an extremely versatile wine and it doesn’t need to go away anytime soon. We hope that you enjoy our choices, cheers!

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