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Holiday Wine Pairings

During the holiday season there is something that almost everyone enjoys and that is cookies. Either making them with family and friends or just sneaking a few from the cookie jar, this treat is iconic with the season. Just like any other food cookies are fantastic with a nice glass of wine so why not grab a bottle and have a cookie tasting. Here are 12 of my favorite pairings to bring some extra fun to this holiday season.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

This classic cookie is a great one for any time of year and the combinations of flavors and things you can add in are only limited by ones imagination. When pairing with wine one that comes to mind would be merlot. Using dark chocolate in the cookie leads to a decadent pairing, adding berry notes and richness. The combination of merlot with this cookie makes it easier to appreciate the subtle sweetness of the wine and accentuates the sweetness of the cookie.

Sugar Cookie

Chardonnay is the way to go with this delicious treat. The butteriness of the wine brings out the richness of the cookie and notes of hazelnuts, creme brûlée, and honey and green apple add a wonderful layer of flavor.

Gingerbread Cookie

This strong and flavorful cookie needs a wine just as flavorful and Zinfandel would make a great pairing. Adding notes of blueberry, blackberries, some pepper and notes of baking spices, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t drink these together before.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

This rich and sweet cookie needs something just as rich to balance out all the coco and that would be Fino Sherry. This wine balances out the bitterness of the chocolate perfectly and adds aromas of nuts which does wonders for this cookie.

Peanut butter blossoms

Chocolate and peanut butter are a classic pairing and this savory cookie does not disappoint. Likewise a pairing with this that won’t disappoint is Port wine. The residual sugar in the wine blend perfectly with the salt in the peanut butter and a mature port will add extra nutty flavors. Plus chocolate and port are pairing bliss.

Shortbread cookie

This buttery cookie is very similar to classic sugar cookies and pairing it with wine is rather similar, but to go a different route why not try some bubbles. A nice dry champagne would do wonders for this and cut through the rich flavors of the cookie while notes of apple and brioche adds wonderful flavors to the already tasty treat.

Linzer cookies

Nice jam filled linzer cookies are a crowd pleaser for anyone who likes sweet and fruity cookies. A white wine just as fruity such as a California Sauvignon Blanc does wonders for this adding notes of stone fruit, and tropical flavors to it while balancing out the butteriness of the cookie itself.

Snickerdoodle Cookie

A holiday favorite full of vanilla flavor and coated with cinnamon pairs great with Gewürztraminer an under appreciated wine from Alsace. Full of slight sweetness and hints of baking spice, honey and ginger these do wonders for this cookie, while adding hints of tropical fruit.

Pfeffernusse Cookie

These German classics are filled with spices, molasses and brown sugar and are bold, rich and tasty. A German wine with German cookies is a practical pairing so a nice spatlese riesling does the trick. Sharp acidity balances the richness of the cookie, while adding notes of citrus, jasmine, and apricot.

Meringue Cookies

Sometimes you don’t want a cookie quite as heavy as some of the others so a light and sweet meringue cookie is perfect. Light and delicate these compliment a sweeter rose wine excellently. Easy drinking and fruity, this sweet pairing adds a bouquet of floral and light berry notes that taste oh so wonderful with meringue.

Spritz cookies
You can’t have the holidays without these fun cookies. Coming in all different shapes they’re as fun to eat as they are to decorate. Viognier is a perfect match for these tasty treats. Light and slightly sweet with floral aromas and a clean finish its a match made in heaven.


A holiday favorite of mine, this cookie is rolled up and filled with all sorts of jam, from sour cherry, apricot, peach, really whatever your heart desires and then covered in sugar. Sweet, delicious and needing a wine just as sweet like a nice crisp moscato d’asti. The bright fruity flavor of moscato works really well with fruit filled cookies.

This season no matter what you're celebrating, there is a cookie and wine to go with every occasion. Cheers everyone and Happy Holidays. 

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