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Big Game Wine Pairings

Every first Sunday of February, there is an American tradition that combines two things that many of us are passionate about: football and food.  We are here today to make sure that your experience is lifted to the next level with pairings to go along with everything that is on the snack table!

Cheese dip, deviled eggs, salami, and some crackers always seem to be on the table when you walk into a Big Game party. They all have different flavors and textures, but normally are a light snack before the storm of other food that will make it out of the kitchen.  Nothing is better than a glass of prosecco to get the day started.  It is light, bubbly, and easy to drink with a plate of your favorite snacks!


The classic finger food that is at almost every party is Buffalo Wings.  These small flavor bombs of chicken off the bone with the heat of a classic buffalo sauce or even a homemade hot sauce is the first thing we think of when we talk about food at a Big Game party.  When you have something that is spicy, something with a smack of sweetness is what you need.  A Kabinett Riesling from Germany or even a Vouvray from France would be a perfect compliment to bring down the heat and create a more appealing experience.

Another classic dish at the party is the traditional 5 layer nacho platter.  Smothered in your favorite cheese, topped with refried beans, shredded pork, a little zip with some jalapenos and your favorite sauce to bring it all together in one mouth watering bite.  A well made Rioja will bring out the best in this dish.  It’s complexities of fruit and earth match perfectly with the massive attack of all the different components that go into a good pile of nachos.

Don’t think we forgot about our football fans in the south, where bundling up in the winter isn’t part of the Big Game experience.  Some will be outside grilling and don’t worry -  we have something for your burgers off the grill too.  A solid Cabernet Sauvignon that has lots of fruit goes well with a fat and juicy burger.  The heavy tannin structure and body will hold up to the hearty and meaty flavors of a freshly grilled burger.

No matter who you are rooting for this year, make sure that you have the right wine going with the right food on the table!



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