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The 11/11 Sale

Mark your calendars now! Wine Library is set to offer up our biggest sale of the year on November 11th!



What exactly is the $11.11 sale?

Well ... it's pretty self-explanatory actually!

On November 11th, we will offer up a huge sale on our platform (if you are not already signed up, you can sign up here) that will give all of you the opportunity to grab some huge secret wine deals ... that will cost you just $11.11!

The identity of these wines will be hidden, but we can assure you, once you get the wines, you will be blown away by what is inside!!

Here is how the sale will work:

  • On 11/11, we will send out a text message letting you know when the sale has started.
  • At that point, interested buyers can simply reply to the text message with how many cases of wine they would like for $11.11 per bottle. For example:
    • Reply "1" and receive 1 case totalling $133.32.
    • Reply "2" and receive 2 cases totalling $266.64.
  • You must purchase in case quantites.
  • We will then fill the orders with mystery wines priced at $11.11 per bottle.
    • These will be surprise cases as we can't let you know what the wines are, as we can't undermine the wineries' original pricing here! The way we structured this iconic once-a-year sale is that while you don't know what wines you are getting, most people will get 4 different wines but every combo including 12 bottles of the same wine is possible!

These are one-time offers and will never again be available at this price, so anyone buying any value-based wines for the fall should make sure to mark this date on their calendars now!

Make sure you sign up for right now if you haven't already for additional updates!


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